Space Journey

Geeez. It’s finally done. For over a year now, every time someone asked me about the art projects I was working on, I would mention this animation. “Yeah, I’m working on an animation but it’s taking me way too long.” Several months would go by between just opening up the project files to see what I had done so far.

Putting it off for so long changed it from being a quick little thing that I do in a few weeks of casual playing around, in to a project that I’ve been telling people about for over a year, which in my mind, created all kinds of expectations about it.

It’s kind of like if I were making a cheese sandwich and it took me 45 minutes to make, because I was playing on my phone the entire time. Even though it took me a long time to make. it’s still just a cheese sandwich.

I’m glad it’s done now, so I can work on more sandwiches.

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