Gameboy camera self-portrait


Here’s a photo I took of myself this summer with my Game Boy Camera.

For those of you interested in Game Boy Photography here is my current workflow for taking photos with the GB Camera:  Take photo on an original Game Boy DMG-01 > connect Game Boy Camera to a Mega Memory Card in a Game Boy Advance (the Mega Memory Card does not work with the original Game Boy) and use the backup utility > connect a 64 Mb EMS USB Cartridge to the Mega Memory Card in the Game Boy Advance and use the restore utility > connect the EMS USB Cartridge to a computer > use the GB USB Smart Card program that came with the EMS USB Cartridge to transfer the .sav to your computer > use GBCamera Dump to extract the images to .bmp files.  Then, I like to open them in Photoshop and enlarge them by going to Image > Image Size > enter a new larger size and select “Nearist Neighbor (preserve hard edges)” in the bottom drop down menu.  It’s that easy.


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