Eyewitness Drawing #9

Boom. Eyewitness Wednesday.   You may be wondering wtf is this stuff.   Well, Eyewitness Wednesday is inspired by those drawings you see on TV shows about the paranormal.  You know, when they’re interviewing someone about their alien encounter or Yeti sighting, and they pull out a scribbled drawing that they made of the experience.  Eyewitness Wednesday is also an exercise in sticking to an idea and producing something on a regular basis.  It means that if it’s 11:59 pm on a Tuesday night and I don’t have anything for the next day, I get on it.  Even if I don’t I feel like drawing, I sit down and work through it until I start having fun.  For some of them, like this one, I draw with my non dominant hand.  So far it’s been a good experience.  I’m still trying to figure out how many more to do, and what the next regularly scheduled project will be.

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