cheap light stand case


I tried an experiment the other day to see if three of the B&H Photo Impact 8′ Air cushioned light stands would fit in a rifle case I had.  The case is a Plano Model 1502, that I feel like I paid about $20 for at Dick’s Sporting Goods a few years ago.  The three stands, two 32″ umbrellas, one 40″ umbrella, and 3 umbrella brackets with flash shoes fit pretty well.  I did try putting a larger Photoflex stand in there, but it was too wide, making it impossible to close the case.

This may be a good option for traveling with light stands if you are throwing them in the back of a car with a lot of other equipment.  For the most part, when I travel locally with stands, I end up just throwing them in a bag that came with a folding chair.  Just thought I’d share this in case there was anyone out there googling around to see if someones tried this yet.

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